Going Native: Embrace UNIX Within Java

Embrace our UNIX heritage while staying within Java. Learn the techniques and tools to better embrace UNIX within Java – from native executables and man pages, proper daemonization without wrapper tooling, using native libraries more easily, building great command line interfaces, to the tools and techniques that let you embrace UNIX idioms – this talk reaches out to the sysop in each of us.

Over the last several years, the Java community has started to better embrace the environment in which it typically runs. It turns out that in many cases working with native tooling and libraries simply works better, and we’ve developed great ways to make it painless and straightforward. Working with UNIX goes both ways, though. As we embrace the UNIX way of using tools, we find it behooves us to also build our tools so that they play nicely from UNIX as well as using it. We can easily, and without breaking any of the Java rules, work with native package managers, create native executables from our jars, and work well within a multi-process world. It turns out that our practices in the Java world actually make Java tools some of the most pleasent to work with operationally, as long as we follow some basic practices.

Video Producer: JavaZone Conference

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