Grails eXchange 2007: Advanced JBoss Cache

Manik Surtani covered the concepts behind JBoss Cache and the features it offers for replicating data across a cluster. Manik explained usage as building blocks for creating clustered server-side components, as well as clustering for POJOs with Java5 annotations. In addtion, Manik showed the API along with a brief overview of the architecture and finished with a discussion of architectural design patterns for building clusters using JBoss Cache and a live demo.

Manik is core R&D engineer at JBoss and lead on JBoss Cache. With a background in artificial intelligence and neural network, Manik has since left academic circles for the commercial world. Since then, he’s been working with Java related technologies, first for a tech startup focusing on knowledge management and information exchange and then for a large London-based consultancy, as a tech lead focusing on e-commerce applications on large J2EE clusters. Manik also has a keen interest in Java on consumer devices, voice-over-ip and peer-to-peer technology. He is a strong proponent of open source development methodologies, ethos and collaborative processes.

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