Introduction to Weld-OSGi

Weld-OSGi is an open source framework that allows CDI usages within an OSGi environment. It is an extension of Weld providing CDI for OSGi environment (like Weld-SE for Java SE environment) but it also brings numerous pieces of OSGi facilitation. It is a set of five bundles that extends the behavior of client bundles once they are deployed in an OSGi framework.

Originally created for embedded and mobile appliances, OSGi has become a widespread foundation for building modular and dynamic applications on top of the Java platform. Despite its maturity and proven track record, OSGi is more than often referred to as a source of significant complexity for no actual benefits. In this presentation, we will show you how OSGi, CDI and Weld nicely fit together in Weld-OSGi to assemble regular and dynamic components with no added complexity on the developer side while providing all the powerness of OSGi, especially almost transparent interactions with the dynamic service registry. This presentation will cover CDI and OSGi basics and then will deep dive into Weld-OSGi to expose each major feature. This presentation will be also a place for demos to see how you can highly benefit from this framework in your modular Java EE applications to make them completely dynamic.

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