Hexagonal Grails Architecture

Are you happy with the 3-tier architecture in your Grails applications? This presentation explains how to apply the Life Preserver tool to implement the Hexagonal architecture in Grails applications. With plenty of code and a sample application, it contains discussion on using plugins, messaging and the features of Groovy itself to create the required structures […]

Grails Transactions

Properly performing multiple data updates requires a transaction, but how do we do this in Grails? Services are the best option, but there are different approaches that can be used. We’ll look at how to effectively use transactions and how to customize transaction attributes such as isolation and propagation levels.

Rapid Java Development with Apache Isis

Apache Isis is a framework for rapidly developing domain-driven applications in Java. In this talk, you will learn about Apache Isis and access them through REST. An application written in Isis will be a fraction the size it would be if you coded it “traditionally”. That is important… faster time-to-market, cheaper to maintain, as well […]