JVM Dive for Mere Mortals

For developers using Java on a daily basis, JVM is a pretty important component – it runs our software. But it is usually treated like a magic box, which takes code in and produces business features. Have

Ask the Java Architects

This video is a Q&A session with Brian Goetz who is the Java Language Architect at Oracle. He was specification lead for JSR 335 (Lambda Expressions for the Java Language.) He is the author of the best-selling

Migrating from Java EE 5 to 7

Are you still stuck in Java EE 5? Eager to move and boost developer productivity with all the cool things introduced in Java EE 7? This session presents the solutions implemented to completely migrate an application called

Java Microservices: Enough with Theory, Let’s Code Some

We have been on many talks about the (not so) new software design approach which is – “Microservices”. Having organized few Microservice Hackathons (both public and internal) and developing applications for the last 7 months using that

A Java EE-stic Way of Coding

Pragmatic Java EE are efficient, fast and lots of fun. In this session I would like to share with you a set of idioms of successful vanilla Java EE projects. Slides would only obscure the beauty of

Develop and Deploy Java Microservices in Kubernetes

A quick overview on Docker containers, usages, and how to scale up from a single container to a fleet of containers working together with Kubernetes for real-life workloads, such as running java-based applications! Join this session to

Making Java Profilers Lie Less

In this presentation, Jaroslav Bachorik of Oracle discusses the different types of java profilers (sampling and instrumenting) and common problems with them.