Why Do I recommend Spring?

Is Spring the new legacy as quite a few people tell you on their blogs? I disagree on many levels. Throughout this session I will holistically detail without any polemics why I do recommend using the Spring Framework and its ecosystem. Aspects that will be covered include: operational impacts, ecosystem, coding and road maps. This […]

Refactoring Java to Functional

How many times have been told how functional programming is so much better than imperative, and then being presented with a functional approach to calculating a fibonacci sequence, leaving you wondering how that can be even remotely useful when working in real world applications? Yep, we’ve all been there. It seems that every time someone […]

Hunting Java Killer Bugs

The job of Peter Dillinger at Coverity is finding new and better ways to find coding mistakes automatically, so that they can be found early in the development cycle. His focus is Java, where although language safety excludes some of the “killer bugs” seen in C/C++, there are still plenty of ways to screw up.

Dealing With Smelly Java Code

We all have a burning desire to write clean Java code. Every morning we wake up, look in the mirror, and promise ourselves that today we will follow the principles and best practices learned from Uncle Bob and his disciples. But we live in a cruel environment, surrounded by millions of smelly lines of code, […]

Evolution of REST-ful API

As REST-ful data services become more widespread, it is becoming clear that they have to change to suit new consumer needs. This evolution is often disruptive to consumers, but it doesn’t have to be. This session discusses various strategies for evolving a REST-ful API and how the strategies can be implemented using Spring.