Programming the NAO Robot Using Java

NAO is a humanoid robot created by Aldebaran Robotics, designed to be fully programmable. This talk introduces its basic software and hardware architecture, shows us how to develop applications using Java bindings and its Choregraphe GUI, then describes how you can become apart of the community and program your own movements for NAO.

Java Constructors and Object Creation

Learn about the Java constructors and how the constructors help to initialize the Java objects. This tutorial explains the constructors with arguments, default constructor and have mentioned about the rules that need to be remembered to program constructors. Learn also about the usage of super() and this() and how they can be used to invoke […]

JVM JIT for Dummies

Most Java developers never get past -Xmx, -classpath, and -jar when learning about the flags that JVMs offer. If you’re an OpenJDK user, you know -server and -client too. But if you’re a performance nut, you crave more.

Spring Integration 4.0

The Spring Integration team has been hard at work on the latest release of the popular integration framework. Before version 4.0, it was impractical to define a complete Spring Integration flow without using XML. With this major release, the existing basic annotation support has received an overhaul and those who prefer to use java @Configuration […]