Closing The Gap Between Java And Cloud-native Ecosystems

Closing The Gap Between Java And Cloud-native Ecosystems

Do you want to spend time learning Kubernetes or writing YAML files? How is that helping you to fix your bugs or deliver new features? While Kubernetes has done a fantastic job pushing cloud-native applications forward, it has complicated the life of Java developers.

It is hard to keep up with a landscape of forever-growing tools. This session looks at lessons learned while integrating Testcontainers, Dapr (a tool to build scalable and resilient cloud-native applications that runs on Kubernetes), and Ngrok for Spring Boot and Quarkus developers to use without disrupting their development inner loops. This integration proved to be quite challenging but quite valuable, as it provided a natural experience without pushing Java developers to learn new tools.

Live demos will show how to get unified APIs across environments and the infrastructure needed to run these APIs for local development using Spring Boot and Quarkus. We will dig deeper into the integration and architectural patterns promoted by the mentioned tools and how Java developers can leverage patterns such as saga, outbox pattern, and distributed locks for their applications.

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