Open API with Restlet

This talk introduces in detail how to develop a RESTful web API in Java thanks to Reslet Framework, the first open source project to offer a REST toolkit in 2005. The impressive rise of open web APIs disrupts the way we develop on the Web, in a way probably as important as open source.

We will explain what is a web API, walk through the most striking ones listed below, explain their key success factors and present the main solutions to create, host and manage them:
– Twitter Streaming API with its OAuth autentication and mandatory usage of SSL
– CouchDB for its live JSON based notification API
– Twilio API for its business model, its ability to control real-world telecom services and its comprehensive and versioned documentation
– Google Maps Image APIs for support of non XML/JSON representations
– Amazon DynamoDB API for an example of non-RESTful web API but pragmatic and nonetheless useful, an will think about a RESTful rewrite

In the end, we will introduce APISpark, an innovative all-in-one cloud platform (PaaS) for web APIs, based on Restlet Framework that lets you create and host RESTful web APIs in just a couple of minutes.

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