Comparing Dependency Injection Frameworks

Many Java developers have used a Dependency Injection framework – or at least heard about Spring or JBoss Seam. Every now and then a new framework appears, claiming to do Dependency Injection in a better way. Today you can choose between Spring, Java EE5/EJB 3, JBoss Seam or Google Guice, to name a few. This session will explain what Dependency Injection really is, why we should use it, how the frameworks work and when to use each specific framework.

Erik Hellman (IBS JavaSolutions AB) is an experienced Java techonology consultant with a broad experience with Java, ranging from large-scale distributed enterprise systems to services on small embedded devices with Java ME. Work experience within the mobility field includes teaching Mobility-courses and as a research assistant at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden and lead designer of the DROPme ( service for Emdo AB.