Java Webtier Optimized for the Cloud

The servlet 3.0 laid the foundation for modern web applications with the asynchronous features, ease of development features and more. It was also the foundation for extensibility in the Java EE 6 platform. In this Jazoon Conference session, Rajiv Mordani presents the enhancements being made in Servlet 3.1 to optimize Java web applications in the cloud.

In continuing with the work done in Servlet 3.0 and other areas of the Webtier in Java EE 6, the Java Webtier is being enhanced for Java EE 7. One of the main areas of focus for Java EE 7 and the webtier is to optimize the platform for the cloud. In addition to the cloud enhancements, the presentation covers about asynchronous ease-of-development, use of NIO2 for improved request processing, concurrency enhancements, enhancements for enabling support for protocols like WebSockets and security enhancements in Servlet 3.1.