Introduction to UMA/j

This video provides a review of existing solutions to authorization for Web applications and Web services. It introduces User Managed Access(UMA) and explains how it builds on such protocols as OAuth V2.0 and OAuth WRAP. It then presents UMA/j – a purely Java-based open-source framework that helps developers to delegate authorization from their Web applications and Web services to specialized software components.

User Managed Access (UMA) is a standardisation effort from the Kantara Initiative that is closely related to the recently emerging OAuth V2.0 protocol from IETF, proposes a new approach to access management for Web resources that includes a user as a core part of its model. UMA lets an individual control the authorization of data sharing and service access made between online services on the individual’s behalf. It provides benefits for both users and application developers. The latter ones, in particular, can benefit from providing authorization mechanisms and sharing capabilities to their new or existing applications without the need of building these mechanisms by themselves.

Video Producer: Devoxx Conference