HK2 for WebLogic Server and GlassFish Server

HK2 is an implementation of the JSR-330 standard. It also provides an API for fine control over the operation of HK2 and the ability to automatically load services into the service registry. It is the foundation for the GlassFish V3 application server and consist of several technologies. HK2 is an open source initiative from Oracle and soon will be the heart of Oracle WebLogic Server as well.

This session provides an overview of HK2 basics, including the module management isolation layer, a simple dependency injection mechanism, and a service-based architecture with a focus on lazy resolution and instantiation. The session also provides an overview of some of the new features recently added to HK2 specifically aimed at facilitating the Oracle WebLogic Server convergence story for more enterprise-level features.

Video Producer: Devoxx Conference