Tuning the HotSpot JVM’s Garbage Collectors

The HotSpot JVM has been refined and revised with every release of the JDK since the advent of Java in the mid 90ies. Today, Java developers face an abundance of GC algorithms – from plain and simple serial stop-the-world collectors with a single reaper thread to highly parallelized collectors that run several GC threads concurrently with application threads. Each of these collectors can be configured and tuned in various ways in order to control pause times or increase throughput.

The number of choices a Java developer has for configuring the JVM:s garbage collection for his application is overwhelming. Hence, garbage collector tuning for the SUN/Oracle JVM is a daunting task. The talk aims to shed light onto the garbage collection strategies in the Sun/Oracle JVM by explaining all algorithms (including Java 7:s Garbage-First collector) and discussing strategies for tuning and configuration of the various collectors.

Video Producer: http://www.jfokus.com/