Making Enterprise Java Development Hurt Less

Whether you like it or loath it, Java the language and Java the platform have set the standard for enterprise computing for over a decade and don’t look like giving up that top spot for a while yet. However, we continue to hear complaints about the complexity of developing applications with Java and it is no secret that J2EE wasn’t always the easiest beast to conquer.

Various frameworks sprang up over the years to try to simplify the lives of Java enterprise developers, such as Seam and Spring, and with the advent of Java Enterprise Edition 6 (EE6) and changes in the JVM to allow non-Java languages to be supported, we are starting to see a renaissance.

In this presentation we will look at some of the things that have happened in the last few years that have already increased the productivity of enterprise Java development, including key features like CDI in EE6 and changes in the Java Community Process. We’ll illustrate some of this with the new release of the JBoss Application Server, AS7, which is a full EE6 compliant application server yet is fast, modular and lightweight. We’ll also look at some other advancement that are happening in open source that will also help and which may make their way into the standards.

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