A Year of Monitoring with Java-monitor

A Year of Monitoring with Java-monitor

We will examine strange garbage collector behavior, talk about file descriptors in GlassFish, look at what memory leaks look like and how to tune memory pools in JVM’s. This presentation is most interesting to developers who got bullied into being the local Java system administrator too. You will learn what to monitor and look at in order to be able to assess the health of our JVM in production. It is also very informative for system administrators who have been pressed into being responsible for a Java application server. You will learn more about the internals of a JVM, without having to learn Java.

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  1. Hi,

    If you like the video, check out my monitoring service over on http://java-monitor.com. It will warn you via e-mail in case your Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish or Openfire server goes off-line. It will also give you the memory, file descriptor and thread pool graphs that I used in the presentation.

    What’s more, that service is free of charge. Check out the live demo on http://java-monitor.com/livedemo.html Check out http://java-monitor.com/install.html if you want to try it for yourself. Installing Java-monitor should take no more than 5 minutes.

    Even if you don’t want Java-monitor to monitor your app servers, you are welcome to join in the discussion on the forum http://java-monitor.com/forum/

    Full disclosure: that is me doing the presentation. :)

    Kees Jan

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