CRaSH : a Shell for the Java Platform

CRaSH is an open source shell for extending and monitoring a Java Virtual Machine. The shell can be accessed by various means, either remotely using network protocols such as SSH or locally by attaching a shell to a running virtual machine. This video explains how to provide a powerful command line interface to your JVM with CRaSH the shell for the Java Platform.

Commands are written in the Groovy language and can be developed live making the extensibility of the shell easy with quick development cycles. CRaSH comes with a bunch of commands such as thread management, log management, database access and JMX.

The session begins with an introduction to the shell, showing basic CRaSH features like auto completion and basic commands. The main part focuses on showing how to develop CRaSH commands with several examples, showing how easy and powerful the development of a command can be. Learn more about CRaSH on

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