Micro-Services for Java

This is a talk about building micro-services using simple java tools. This is a talk for those frustrated by monolithic software products and describes a set of Java tools and techniques that you can use to break up your products based on the Unix Philosophy of small and simple.

Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together” was accepted 40 years ago yet we have spent the last decade building monolithic applications, communicating via bloated middleware and with our fingers crossed that Moore’s Law keeps helping us out. There is a better way using micro services.

In this talk we will discover a consistent and reinforcing set of tools and practices rooted in the the Unix Philosophy of small and simple. Tiny applications, communicating via the web’s uniform interface with single responsibilities and installed as well behaved operating system services. So, are you sick of wading through tens of thousands of lines of code to make a simple one line change? Of all that XML? Come along and check out what the cools kids are up to (and the cooler grey beards).

Video producer: http://jz13.java.no/