Extending WildFly Application Server

WildFly is the JBoss Community’s new application server project. It picks up where the JBoss Application Server 7 project left off. WildFly is fully modular application server where most of functionality is implemented by sets of extensions also known as subsystems.

Subsystems give you low level access to application server’s functionalities such as:
* JBoss Modules for class loading
* MSC for services
* Deployment processors
* Domain management model

The talk, presented by Tomaž Cerar – Software Engineer at Red Hat – shows how to implement a new subsystem that will scan deployed applications and detect custom framework specifics and react to them. Learn how to define subsystem’s management model, expose it through CLI and show how to enable persistent configuration. Presentation also touches how news subsystem get added to WildFly installation and how can new distribution format WildFly core help extension developers.

Event organizer: http://londonjavacommunity.co.uk/
Video producer: http://www.c2b2.co.uk/jbug
Slides of the presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/JBUG_London/extending-wildfly-by-tomaz-cerar