Groovy Code From the Trenches

From the trenches of daily Groovy and Grails development of online (administrative) applications, I want to to highlight pieces of design and code that could be of use, or rather inspiration for other Grails developers. After a brief spotlight on the toolset (IntelliJ & Jenkins mostly) I’d like to do a (probably inconsistent) grab in our repository.

Explaining our approach in Grails for multi-lingualisation (m17n) of user data, a simple workflow concept that we use on most domain classes, a straightforward design and implementation for categorisation of user data and how we attached specific application behaviour to different types of user entered data and probably a few more tidbits like these. Everything will be highlighted with (class)diagrams, screenshots and code examples.

Furthermore I’d like to elaborate a bit on the decisions made for a plugin that I’ve been working on in some spare time (a straightforward Flickr API implementation called Glickr). What should be included in a plugin (that is ultimately used by another developer creating something you have no upfront knowledge of) and what should be abstracted. The whole API is rather big, but using closures that inject a specific implementation for every API method into a generic API calling process proved to be rather helpful.

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