Rapid Java Development with Apache Isis

Apache Isis is a framework for rapidly developing domain-driven applications in Java. In this talk, you will learn about Apache Isis and access them through REST. An application written in Isis will be a fraction the size it would be if you coded it “traditionally”. That is important… faster time-to-market, cheaper to maintain, as well as a cleaner architecture.

Isis focus is on domain-driven design, with the emphasis on the bit that matters: the domain. The productivity and clean architecture comes about by omitting all the irrelevant artifacts of a custom-coded n-layer architecture (views, controllers, commands, persistence); you build your application solely and entirely by writing the core domain objects.

There is a pattern for this type of approach: naked objects. Isis automatically provides a web application UI inferred directly from the structure and behavior of your domain objects. Isis also makes your domain model accessible through REST following the “Restful Objects” specification.

Video producer: http://jeeconf.com/