Helidon: Open Source Java Microservices

Helidon is a collection of Java libraries for writing microservices that run on a fast web core powered by Netty. Helidon is designed to be simple to use, with tooling and examples to get you going quickly. Since Helidon is just a collection of libraries running on a fast Netty core, there is no extra overhead or bloat. Helidon supports MicroProfile and provides familiar APIs like JAX-RS, CDI and JSON-P/B. Our MicroProfile implementation runs on our fast Helidon Reactive WebServer. Helidon Reactive WebServer provides a modern functional programming model and runs on top of Netty. Lightweight, flexible and reactive, the Helidon WebServer provides a simple to use and fast foundation for your Java microservices.

This presentation provides a brief overview of Helidon including its two programming models: Microprofile for those wanting inversion of control and familiar Java EE APIs, and Helidon Native for those wanting a lighweight, functional model. It also shows you how to quickly create your first Helidon application and deploy it to Kubernetes.

Video producer: http://geecon.org/