Java Production Profiling

Java Production Profiling

We all want to understand what our Java application is really doing in production, but this information is normally invisible to developers. Profilers tell you what code your application is running but few developers profile and mostly on their development environments. Thankfully production profiling is now a practical reality that can help you solve and avoid performance problems. Profiling Java code in development can be problematic because it is rare that you have a realistic workload or performance test for your system. Even if you have got accurate performance tests maintaining these and validating that they represent production systems is hugely time consuming and hard. Not only that but often the hardware and operating system that you run in production are different from your development environment. This video helps you understand the ins and outs of profiling in a production system. You will learn about different techniques and approaches that help you understand what is really happening with your system. This helps you to solve new Java performance problems, regressions and undertake capacity planning exercises.

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