Secrets of Top Performance in Java

What are the key factors of the performance of your Java code? First one is related to constructs and libraries used in your implementation. Are your constructs result in simple or complex bytecode? What complexities are added by used features and libraries? We will examine the performance and complexity of several implementations of the same task using different features of the Java language and the standard library.

Next performance factors are related to compilers used to transform your bytecode into machine code and to perform optimizations. How can you achieve the best performance at runtime? Do you need it just from the beginning or can you accept some warm-up time? We will do a benchmark of startup and peak performance of one solution, using different just-in-time and ahead-of-time compilers available in Java. We will also discover an answer to a fundamental question: can solution implemented in Java be as performant as an equivalent one in C++ ? After this session, your code should never be slow again!

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