Building Modular Java Applications with JPMS and Layrry

Building Modular Java Applications with JPMS and Layrry

The Java Module System lays the foundation for building modularized applications on the JVM. It doesn’t concern itself though with resolving module versions and obtaining modules from repositories. This is where Layrry comes in: an open source API and launcher for modularized Java applications which takes a descriptor of the module layer(s) to assemble, fetches the modules and starts up the application.

Layrry allows assembling modularized applications based on Maven artifact coordinates of the (modular) JARs to include. Layrry utilizes the Java Module System’s notion of module layers, allowing multiple versions of one module to be used within an application at the same time, as well as dynamically adding and removing modules at application runtime. The module graph is built either declaratively (using YAML or TOML descriptors) or programmatically (using a fluent API).

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