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Jenkins Advanced Continuous Integration Techniques

Kohsuke Kawaguchi looks at several continuous integration techniques you can use to get more value out of your Jenkins installation. The topic will cover the “validated merge” feature to make your builds unbreakable, the “fingerprinting” feature to build audit trail of your artifacts, and the “pipeline” feature to better visualize …

Continuous Deployment of Java Web Applications Without Downtime

Continuous Deployment allows to deploy Java code in production as soon as it has passed the quality assurance tests. This technique can dramatically reduce the release cycles, giving the company the speed expected in today’s world, specially for internet based services. With the right tooling and techniques, a company can …

The Silicon Valley Continuous Integration Summit

This CI Summit put the spotlight on what your build and delivery environment will look like in the coming years. Jenkins, Gradle and Artifactory presents their thoughts, solutions and visions of where things are going. A LinkedIn case study demonstrates how many of these powerful processes are already possible.