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Continuous Integration with Java in the Cloud

This video explains how to connect enterprise Java stack with cloud deployment via a task-focused continuous integration loop. The SCM and code review technologies, based on the Eclipse Mylyn interoperability platform, are used to demonstrate how to achieve this objective. Watch this video on http://tasktop.com/resources/videos/jax2011/keynote.php

Digg Technical Talks – Kohsuke Kawaguchi

The creator of Hudson, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, speaks to Digg engineering team about the current state of Hudson and what we can look forward to down the road. His comments about Selenium and Hudson are of particular interest to the QA team. There are all kinds of integration possibilities – from …

Talk Release Management With Artifactory

In this presentation the Artifactory team demonstrates the benefits of managing your software development life-cycle through continuous integration. Frederic Simon and Yoav Landman show how to automate large-scale multi-module projects using a fully-integrated platform with Artifactory and Hudson. Using Maven, Gradle, or Ivy builds, it is now possible to dynamically …

Learn how to Use Selenium with Maven/Ant to Automate Testing of Web Apps

San Francisco Java User Group presents Chris Bedford who talks about: – How to write functional tests with Selenium (including explaining its IDE, architecture, RC, and alternatives like Canoo WebTest) – How to set up Selenium testing for web apps in continuous integration using Maven, Ant, Cargo, etc. – How …

Learn About Continuous Integration With Hudson Directly From the Source

San Francisco Java User Group presents Kohsuke Kawaguchi from Sun who introduces us to Hudson, an open-source continuous integration (CI) system, which improves the productivity of a development team by automating various things. Additional resources: Hudson Blog Continuous Integration: The Cornerstone of a Great Shop Continuous Integration Tools Directory